Activity 1

To organise the learning process of students coming from different contexts and culture


  • Recruiting, selecting and integrating the student
  • Identifying the student’s learning needs
  • Negotiating  and building learning objectives
  • Elaborating Training Plans….

Do you:

  • Identify own cultural references and their effect on behaviour?
  • Recognise cultural elements in the students?
  • Identify the students’ intercultural background/experience?
  • Find win/win solutions in potentially conflictual situations involving students coming from different cultural backgrounds?
  • Decode the body language and non-verbal communication to understand other cultures?
  • Respect your own and others values and cultures?
  • Adapt your own communication style according to the cultural background of the students?

Are you able to:

  • Accept difference as an opportunity to promote learning/self-learning?
  • Change filters/perspective?
  • Respect others / Show a positive regard for others individuals/cultures?
  • Suspend disbelief about other cultures and belief about one’s own culture?
  • React to new and ambiguous situations with little visible discomfort?
  • Tolerate difference?
  • Tolerate ambiguity?
  • Show  sensory acuity?